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Word: Resurrection

Jesus rode into cheered on by the people who a week later would be yelling "Crucify Him!" He was betrayed by one of his closest friends and denied by another. He was nailed to a cross even though he was innocent. He speaks his last words and dies a horrible death. Crazy as it sounds, this is part of Jesus' plan to take over the world.

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Word: Crucifixion (Hosanna)

About a week before he was crucified, Jesus had his very own parade. He was welcomed into Jerusalem by a large crowd of people lining the streets, waving palm branches and screaming "Hosanna!" Yet seven days later when he was sentenced to be crucified, there was another crowd present, likely filled with many of the same people, and instead of yelling "Hosanna!" they were yelling "Crucify him!" What the heck happened during that week?

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Word: Crucifixion (The Cost of Christ)

Judas has gotta be the worst person in the Bible, right? He betrayed Jesus for some bling and then hung himself. He's slightly worse than Adam and Eve, who are tied for second on the list of worst people in the Bible. I mean they did ruin life for everyone. You may wonder "Jim, what makes you qualified to proclaim holier-than-thou judgements on Biblical characters?" Let me tell you. I'm a graphic designer from Minnesota who makes Bible designs, so yeah, I'm pretty much the mouthpiece of the Lord.

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Word: Crucifixion (Crucify Him!)

Easter is a happy story, right? This super nice guy is put on a cross, as he dies a rainbow shoots out of his body and through that it means that after I chill 75.4 years in this life I get spend eternity in a place where I've got a mansion, it's always 78 degrees plus there's cats that hug and popcorn trees? Sweet! Sign me up! But there's one more minor part of the story to understand.... I am the one who crucified Jesus. Downer.

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Word: Crucifixion (Denial)

From now up through Easter I'll be doing a series of designs based around the death and resurrection of Jesus. As much as I'd like to go chronologically, the design inspiration didn't work that way, so I may jump back and forth a bit from week to week. But that's OK, because no one visits my site for Biblical accuracy anyways, right? This week we'll take a look at Peter's denial(s) of Jesus.

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