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Word: Crucifixion (Crucify Him!)

Easter is a happy story, right? This super nice guy is put on a cross, as he dies a rainbow shoots out of his body and through that it means that after I chill 75.4 years in this life I get spend eternity in a place where I've got a mansion, it's always 78 degrees plus there's cats that hug and popcorn trees? Sweet! Sign me up! But there's one more minor part of the story to understand.... I am the one who crucified Jesus. Downer.

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Word: Crucifixion (Denial)

From now up through Easter I'll be doing a series of designs based around the death and resurrection of Jesus. As much as I'd like to go chronologically, the design inspiration didn't work that way, so I may jump back and forth a bit from week to week. But that's OK, because no one visits my site for Biblical accuracy anyways, right? This week we'll take a look at Peter's denial(s) of Jesus.

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