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Word: Crucifixion (Denial)


First off, thanks to all the folks who entered to win a free Word print on my Facebook page on Wednesday. I originally planned to give one print away, but there were so many responses, I decided to give away two. Christina in Minnesota is the new owner of an Esther print and Betty in Alabama will be rockin' a Zephaniah (Tele) print. I plan to do that again in the future so for those of you that may have missed out on this one, make sure you check out my Facebook page.

You can't deny that this is an awesome design.

Like I mentioned last week, from now up through Easter I'll be doing a series of designs based around the death and resurrection of Jesus. As much as I'd like to go chronologically, the design inspiration didn't work that way so I may jump back and forth a bit from week to week. But that's OK because no one visits my site for Biblical accuracy anyways, right? This week we'll take a look at Peter's denial(s) of Jesus.

Peter is such a moron. Sorta like me.

I remember when I was younger I always though Peter was such a moron. Acting impulsively, never thinking things through, ready to fight anyone who disagreed with him.... He was like the Dennis Rodman of the disciples. In fact, there were a lot of Biblical characters that I'd read about and think How can these people be so dumb? Cain kills Abel because he's got a better sacrifice? Noah parties and gets naked? David kills a dude so he can marry his wife? And Peter—who walked with Jesus for 3 years!—denies that he even knows Jesus? These are people who literally spoke to God and Jesus and yet they were still a mess and made some terrible decisions. I don't hear from God and Jesus like they did and I've got it way more together than them. I would have been a way awesomer Bible superhero. (My text editor has that red line under "awesomer," trying to tell me it's not a real word, but I beg to differ.)

You might not be able to relate, but the older I get, the more I can identify with Peter. I haven't partied naked or killed anyone—at least it's never been proven in a court of law—but I've come up with my owns ways of ignoring God and denying Jesus in parts of my life.

Before, I liked that those characters were in the Bible so I could judge them and feel better about myself. Now I'm glad they're in there because it means there's room for a moron like me too.

I guess I'm a bit more like Dennis Rodman than I thought.

Let's kick up the comment action on this post!

Sometimes I like to ask a question to see if we can get some discussion going. This week I've got a couple good ones:

  1. In what ways have you failed most in life? (Please describe in detail.) What are the full names of everyone you've ever hurt in life? (Please give the email address as well so we can send them a message saying that we are sorry they had the displeasure of knowing you.)
  2. What are some of your favorite "moron moves" by Biblical characters?

Feel free to answer whichever one you want (as long as you don't answer #1).