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Holy Week Sermon Art

I recently created a series of Easter sermon artwork for the folks at Sharefaith.

Easter (especially Good Friday) is one of my favorite concepts to explore with my art and design. There is such extreme beauty and ugliness wrapped up in this event. It has many theological complexities to explore, yet it also contains many profound simple truths. It is horrifically violent, yet through it Jesus gives us a crystal clear example of non-violence and loving your enemies. This stuff blows my mind and I'll never get tired of it.

For these, the client wanted three unified designs—Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter—that could be used all through Holy Week. It was a fun challenge to figure out how to give all the pieces a unified, yet unique look, as well as trying to capture the beauty/ugliness contrast. I'm very proud of how these turned out.

The full set is available on Sharefaith.

Big thanks to the folks at Sharefaith (especially the Art Director, Juliet Towner).

View more of my sermon art and drop me a message if you're interested in custom sermon imagery. You may also purchase digital files of some of my biblical art in my shop.