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Word: Crucifixion (The Cost of Christ)


Judas has gotta be the worst person in the Bible, right? He betrayed Jesus for some bling, had betrayer's remorse and then hung himself. Even so, he's only slightly worse than Adam and Eve, who together tie for second on the list of worst people in the Bible. I mean they did ruin life for everyone else. You may wonder "Jim, what makes you qualified to proclaim holier-than-thou judgements on Biblical characters?" Well, let me tell you. I'm a graphic designer from Minnesota who makes Bible designs. So yeah, I'm pretty much the mouthpiece of the Lord.


Upon further reflection, and some feedback from my wife, I guess I may not actually be as perfect as I led you to believe in the opening paragraph, so you can all go ahead and Command-Z that from your brains. Sorry for any confusion.

I guess it's just that while growing up, there were so many Bible stories I heard where it seemed so natural to judge the characters. Adam and Eve were stupid. I would never choose an apple over God. David was bad. I would never kill a man just to get with his wife. Peter was a moron. I would never deny that I know Jesus. Judas was a murderer. I would never sell off Jesus for some bling. I'm not like those people.

If you can't judge 'em, join 'em

Now that I'm older and slightly less stupid, I realize that I am like those Bible characters. I fail all the time. My sin forms a noose around my neck just like it did with Judas. We're all tied for #1 on the worst person list.

Let's end this with something funny!

Nah, let's not. Sometimes I need to soak in the ugly in order to truly appreciate the beautiful.