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Speaking at The Kiln

For those of you in the Twin Cities area, I'll be doing a short presentation about my Word project at The Kiln, an art event on Monday, October 25 at 7:00 p.m. My part will only be around 10-15 minutes, but there will also be 3 other artists presenting.

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Word: Obadiah

I've been dreading Obadiah. I put it off for a couple weeks, first by posting the 2 Kings Leftover two weeks ago, then last week announcing that Word prints were available and posting free Job wallpapers. At 21 verses, Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament. How do I find something to design in 21 verses? Plus, he's a minor prophet and we all know that major prophets have the superpowers and minor prophets sit at the kid's table.

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Word: Amos

Another week, another minor prophet. This time it's Amos and he's dropping more of God's judgement on the Israelites. Amos' main issue with the Israelites is that they've gotten greedy. The rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer. Money, wealth and power have become their gods. Dumb Israelites. Can't you stay focused on God for more than a minute without being distracted?

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Word Leftovers: Daniel

OK, I'll admit it up front. This design is ridiculous. I mean, vector dancing people silhouettes? Am I serious? I think I just lost all my design cred with this one. Although I'd like to point out that the Bible never says that Meshach did not do a hand plant in the fiery furnace. So it's within the realm of possibility, right? I didn't have Amos ready today and had to dig into my bag of Word leftovers. This, unfortunately, is what came out.

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Word: Joel

To be honest, I've been a little concerned about getting into the minor prophet territory. Hosea went OK, but the books are just so dang short. What if one of them is like 1 chapter long and only has 2 verses? How do I design that? If the Bible maker people just left the minor prophets out of there, it would really make this whole project easier for me. I mean, c'mon, if they are referred to as "minor" to begin with, what are they even doing in the Bible? Lucky for me, Joel has locusts.

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Word: Hosea

We've already talked about how the old school prophets like Elijah and Elisha were God-anointed, fire-throwing, commanding-bear-attacks men of God. Well, Hosea must've felt like he got caught in a bait and switch, 'cause not only did he not get any sweet kill-the-heathens superpowers, but at God's command, he marries a prostitute. They have kids, she leaves him, returning to her life of prostitution and he has to chase her all over the place to get her back. And he doesn't get to kill any heathens!

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Word: Daniel

Daniel is a pretty cool book. Even though it's only 12 chapters, Daniel has crazy kings killing people, guys who are thrown into a furnace and don't burn up, crazy kings killing people, wacked out dreams and crazy kings killing people. Did I mention that it has crazy kings killing people? That seems like a prerequisite for books in the Old Testament, huh?

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Word: Lamentations

Oh Israel. What are we gonna do with you? Jeremiah has been nagging at you for years telling you that some bad stuff was gonna go down if you didn't shape up. And this isn't just any dude, Jeremiah is a prophet, so it's basically like Yahweh himself is saying "Israelite peeps, watch out! The way you are living right now is gonna lead you down a road you don't want to be on. Listen to what I'm saying and I'll help you get back on track." But did you listen?

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