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Word Leftovers: Daniel


OK, I'll admit it up front. This design is ridiculous. I mean, vector dancing people silhouettes? Am I serious? I think I might have lost all my design cred with this one. Although I would like to point out that the Bible never says Meshach did notdo a hand plant in the fiery furnace. So it's within the realm of possibility, right? To be honest, I didn't have Amos ready today and had to dig into my bag of Word leftovers. This, unfortunately, is what came out.

You're Fired

This is definitely not one of my favorite designs I've done for Word. However, when I was putting it together, the idea of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (and the mystery man) gettin' funky in the fiery furnace wouldn't let me go. If I was one of those dudes, that's totally what I would have done. "Oh yeah, you're gonna put me in a fiery furnace? Guess what? Not only am I gonna get my dance on, I'm gonna do a hand plant! And when I get outta here, I'm gonna hand plant your face! Suck on that heathens!" Next week we'll tackle Amos.