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Word: Habakkuk

Habakkuk was a man with questions. Specifically, questions for God. Back in the Old Testament days, people didn't openly question God all that much. You never know when you may ask the wrong question and you'll be turned to salt or the earth will open up and swallow you, y'know? But God actually responds (sort of) to Habakkuk's questions and engages him in a dialogue.

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Word: Nahum

Have you ever been so mad at someone that you actually spend your free time thinking of creative ways to weave words together and get the most violent verbal impact? Meet Nahum, the king of the verbal assault. Even though his book is just 3 chapters long, Nahum has some of the most brutal put downs I've ever read. I'm not talking about "your mama's so fat" jokes either. Nahum is a straight up hater. I would never want to get on this dude's bad side.

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Word: Micah

During Micah's time, the Israelites are enjoying an economic boom. Trade and commerce are flourishing and people are getting rich. Sounds like a good thing, right? Except that the rich are getting rich at the expense of the poor getting poorer. Wealthy folks are taking land from small farmers and peasants and building gated communities with swimming pools and putting greens in every backyard (OK, I'm not positive on that last part).

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