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Word: Zechariah


Is that a flying scroll in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Zechariah must have drawn the right straw because not only did he end up being the second to last book of the Old Testament (suck on that, Malachi!), but he also was lucky enough to receive a bunch of visions from God including a guy on a red horse, a flying scroll and the angel of the Lord standing next to Satan!

Yeah, well that's not as cool as the time I...

While visions from the Lord are no doubt cool, I have to imagine that sorta wrecked real life for Zechariah. I mean, everything must seem lame compared to those visions. For example, he and his family go to Yosemite and climb Half Dome to check out the view. Z's wife is like "It's beautiful up here!" His kids are all "Daddy, daddy! Let's live here!" Z says "Yeah, it's OK. I mean it's not like that one time when daddy saw the angel of the Lord and Satan. You wouldn't remember that because God only showed it to me."

Downer, dude.

I feel a bit sheepish

Even though Zechariah has 14 chapters, I had a tough time finding something for a design. There is a ton of imagery in all the vision stuff, but I just wasn't feeling any of it. Then I landed on a passage about how the Israelites wander like "sheep without a shepherd." Not sure about you, but I can identify with that. How many times have I been wandering aimlessly in my life? (That's rhetorical. I'm not really asking for guesses about that in the comments.) Lucky for the Israelites (and me) a Shepherd was on his way.