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Art and design by Jim LePage

Word: Amos


Another week, another minor prophet. This time it's Amos and he's dropping more of God's judgement on the Israelites. Amos' main issue with the Israelites is that they've gotten greedy. The rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer. Money, wealth and power have become their gods. Dumb Israelites. Can't you stay focused on God for more than a minute without being distracted?

Hey, I just noticed my new iPhone can take pictures from the front or the back!

Now I don't have to turn my phone around to take a picture of myself! That will save me tons of time! Time that I can use to volunteer at those places where people need help and stuff. Ah, where was I.... Oh yeah, those Israelites are all "Yea, God!" one minute, but the the very next minute they're infatuated with their own power and possessions. Speaking of fruit salad, have you tried that iPhone app where you can slice fruit? It's crazy! Anyway, Amos is telling the people that they need to care more about the poor and not be so self-centered. That's why I have Twitter on my iPhone. I can follow a bunch of other people and their tweets. It's so completely otherfocused. Twitter is one of the simple checks in my life that help keep me grounded. Sorry, I kinda lost my train of thought there.... Let's get back to the Word. This week's design is based on one of the passages where God is giving a warning to Israel. You see, God is trying to tell them...

OMG! I totally just hooked all my email accounts into Gmail and connected that to my new iPhone!

Did you even realize you could do that? 'Cause that's awesome! Now I have yet another way to connect with other people and keep myself grounded. Dang, I am so humble! Next up, the book of... What?! Netflix has an app now?! It's time for some 30 Rock on my iPhone!