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Word: 3 John

3 John has the fewest words of any book in the Bible, clocking in at 299, all in one chapter. I know John had other things on his mind back then, but would it really have been that hard to do a couple more chapters? I mean, give me a little more to work with, huh?

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Word: 1 John

I'm not sure about you, but most of my life I've assumed that Jesus came to earth and died so I could enjoy a "Get out of Hell" free card. Maybe he came to show people how to be nice and everything, but it was mainly to get me into heaven. This week's passage seems to imply that there was at least one other (maybe even more important?) purpose Jesus had in mind. To kick some devil a**.

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Word: John (Water to Wine)

On the surface, the whole water to wine miracle doesn't seem that weird. It's just another way for Jesus to show off his superpowers, right? But this is Jesus' very first miracle. Shouldn't he have done a healing or something more... important? And on top of that, the end result of the miracle is that there's more liquor to go around at a party? Aren't you supposed to judge the party people?

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