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Word: John (Water to Wine)

On the surface, the whole water to wine miracle doesn't seem that weird. It's just another way for Jesus to show off his superpowers, right? But this is Jesus' very first miracle. Shouldn't he have done a healing or something more... important? And on top of that, the end result of the miracle is that there's more liquor to go around at a party? Aren't you supposed to judge the party people?

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Word: Luke (The Lord's Servant)

We all have our awkward teenage years. We feel misunderstood, our bodies are changing... It can be a difficult time. When Mary was 15 years old she was engaged to be married, had been visited by an angel and was a virgin yet somehow pregnant with the son of God. When I was 15 years old I was a nerdy high school freshman, had acne all over my face and was socially awkward. So yeah, I can pretty much relate to her.

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