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Word: 3 John


3 John has the fewest words of any book in the Bible, clocking in at 299, all in one chapter. I know John had other things on his mind back then, but would it really have been that hard to do a couple more chapters? I mean, give me a little more to work with, huh? Before getting our Word on, I just wanted to let you know about a couple other things.

  1. Free Word Prints! Including 3 John, there's only 3 designs/weeks left in this crazy Bible design project. I'd like to celebrate that by giving away 6 free Word design prints over the next 3 weeks. Find out how you can enter to win.
  2. Gettin' Biblical is my new inspiration post series for cool Biblical design. [You can now find this on my Pinterest.]

Let's Word!

Inspiration for the Uninspired

This week is yet another time where no verse or passage jumped out at me with visuals and I just wasn't feeling visually inspired, so just like last week, I dug into my inspiration folder.

Ever since starting my Gettin' Biblical series, I've been coming across a lot of cool older book covers from the mid-1900s and have kinda fallen in love with that style. A lot of those older book covers were for some pretty heady books having to do with a very specific area of theology, psychology, math, etc. I love how the cover designers would take an incredibly complex subject matter and communicate it through a minimal and beautiful design, most times just using simple shapes and colors.

I decided to take that same route on this design while at the same time trying to make it my own. As I look at some of the vintage designs that I admire, I realize mine is a far cry from their brilliance, but it was fun to dig into that style a bit and I hope to try it again.

Find  great vintage book cover inspiration at these sites: