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Word Leftovers: Genesis 2

More leftovers this week! If I use exclamation points, I think that might actually make you excited for leftovers! I really hope it's working! Genesis has so many great stories, I could probably do 66 weeks just on that book. The original Genesis design dealt with Adam and Eve's first fashion show and the second design was on Joseph's sweet Zoot suit (there's a lot of clothing passages in Genesis, huh?). This time around we're looking at the world's first garden.

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Word Leftovers: Genesis

I had a pretty busy week so Job will have to wait until next week. I realize this is a real let down and that you will now be forced to go and find some other not-nearly-as-awesome thing to try to fill the void in your weekend. Although I don't have Job, I decided to post a second option I had worked up for Genesis. You know how bands will release an album, it's super popular and then they release an EP of a few more of their old reject songs so they can cash in on their new fan base? That's sorta what this is.

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Word: Genesis

As I looked through Genesis, I realized the most difficult part would be choosing what story not to use for the design. Genesis is a rich book with so many amazing stories and people. Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah's ark, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph. In the end, the one that called out to me was the story of The Fall, specifically the passage after Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit where they realize they are naked and clothe themselves.

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