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Art and design by Jim LePage

Word: Genesis


As I looked through Genesis, I realized the most difficult part would be choosing what story not to use for the design. Genesis is a rich book with so many amazing stories and people. Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah's ark, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph. In the end, the one that called out to me was the story of The Fall, specifically the passage after Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit where they realize they are naked and clothe themselves. I know what you must be thinking. First book and he's going straight for the nudity? Allow me to explain, I think you'll see my motives are beyond skin deep.

Wearing your birthday suit everyday

Adam and Eve used to walk around naked through the Garden of Eden, even in front of God! When I really think about that, I'm struck by the fact that was no such thing as shame or worry at that point in history. No thoughts like: Does Adam really like my hair or is he just saying it to be Nice? Does Eve think my nose too big? Should we carve a sharp stick so we can protect ourselves in case someone tries to attack us? I can't even imagine what it would be like to walk around with that type of complete contentment.

Leaves of shame

The very first thing that happens after they eat the forbidden fruit is that they realize they are naked and clothe themselves with fig leaves. I wonder what that the first ounce of shame must have been like for them. Such a brand new emotion – and one that doesn't feel good at all.

In a way, I guess we all have been making that same choice ever since.

Next week, Exodus. Same Bible time, Same Bible channel.