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Word Leftovers: 2 Kings

Still spending my time on getting prints available (I'm close!), so this week I have some more Word leftovers. This time it's prophets, teenagers and bears, oh my! You may remember that the prophet Elisha did some cool stuff like cleansing nasty water with salt, but he's also part of (in my opinion) one of the craziest, straight-out-of-an-action-movie passages in the Bible.

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Word: 2 Kings

You may remember from last week that Elijah was pretty much the coolest prophet in the world. He did all sorts of miracles and other cool stuff. Well at the beginning of 2 Kings, Elijah is just finishing up his ministry and by chapter two, he's suddenly on a chariot of fire and horses on his way to heaven. That may sound crazy, but you gotta remember, that's pretty much how Elijah rolled.

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