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Word: Song of Solomon


Before I get all Word on you, I just want to say thanks to Collide Magazine. On Wednesday, they did a blog post about my Word project. Collide puts out some really great content about church design/communications on their web site and in their magazine and I'm incredibly honored that they posted about the project. Check 'em out!

I won't sell crap in shopping malls

With this huge amount of commercial success, I'm aware that many of my loyal fans are worried that I will sell out to "the man" by lowering the quality of my design and opening up a chain of stores in malls across the US to sell my "art." Let me reassure you, that will never happen. Just like you, I still put my pants on one leg at a time... except now my pants are studded with 24 carat diamonds.

For those of you who saw the Collide post and may be visiting the site for the first time, welcome! If you want to keep up with me and my Word project there are several ways to do so:

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Enough about that, let's get our Word on...

The Bible on Late Night Cable

If Song of Solomon was on TV, it would be on cable. Pay cable. Late at night. There are 2 main characters in the book. The guy (Beloved) and the girl (Lover). At the beginning, they're kinda seeing each other across the room, making eyes, thinking things like "I wonder if she like likes me" or "Here he comes! Does my hair look all right?" By chapter 8, they're all Red Shoe Diaries.

You had me at Pomegranate

All throughout the book, the guy and girl go back forth telling each other how awesome the other is by using flattering phrases. Some of these phrases have lost a bit of meaning over the years and sound a bit silly now. I have to imagine that back in the day though, these were really good pickup lines. Like "Hey baby, I can already tell you're sweet, 'cause your forehead looks like a pomegranate." Or, "I can tell you don't use mousse, 'cause your hair is very goat-like."

For the design this week, you get a 2-for-1. In addition to the Lover design above, I also did one for the Beloved. For those of you who think the design above is too risque, you should read Song of Solomon.

Next week, we'll get prophetic with Isaiah.