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Word: Leviticus


OK, so if Genesis and Exodus were both the biblical version of a sweet action movie crossed with a crazy David Lynch film, Leviticus is like that slow moving foreign film where you don't really care about the characters or plot and spend most of your time trying to figure out what illness you're gonna fake so you can leave early.

You don't really like this book, do you?

I realize that there probably are a few "Leviticus Lovers" out there (they're easy to spot – they'll be the ones who read 1000-page rule books in their free time), but for normal people, Leviticus is BORING. Since I'm sure that nothing I have said so far has convinced you to read it, I'll give you a cliff notes version:

Make sure you do this thing that way and make sure you don't do that thing this way.

Repeat that sentence for 27 chapters and 859 verses and you've got Leviticus.

God gives us the bird

All that is to say, I really needed to dig deep for this design. I ended up finding a passage that went through this huge list of birds that God told the Israelites not to eat. I'm a bit of a bird nerd myself, so I kinda like that God was telling them not to eat herons, cranes, penguins, etc. I like to think God was basically saying "Hey Israelite peeps, here is a list of some birds I made that are awesome, so don't eat them... because they're awesome."

I'm hoping Numbers will provide a little more action and design inspiration, but I have a strong feeling that it will mostly deal with... wait for it... numbers. Ugh.