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Help Japan


During the morning of March 11, several hours after the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, some designers on Dribbble began posting designs to show support for Japan. I posted the piece you see above. (Here is the link to the design on Dribbble.) Through the efforts of some great folks around the world, my design is now available to purchase in several formats, with all proceeds going towards helping Japan through the Red Cross. A few days after the tragedy, I was contacted by David and Maiko, a couple living in the Netherlands. Maiko had some family and friends that were in the part of Japan that was hit by the tsunami. The were planning to do a massive sale and donate all the proceeds to the Red Cross to help Japan. They asked if they could use my "Help Japan" design to print up some tshirts to sell at the bazaar. I sent them the files and a few days later I heard back from them on how the bazaar went. The shirts ended up selling out and the grand total they raised during the sale was over $28,000! You can view and purchase the shirt on their web site.

Shortly after that, I was contacted by the good folks at Cause For Design. Their site was created to raise money for the current crisis in Japan. They also asked if I'd share my "Help Japan" design with them. I sent them the files and now you can now purchase wallpapers (computer, iPhone & iPad), shirts or a poster with the design through their site. All proceeds are donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

So if you're looking for some ways to help financially support Japan, feel free to check those out. If you want to cut out the middle man, another option is to just give directly to the Red Cross. Find out more and donate on their site.