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Q&A: What design were you the most nervous to post?

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What design were you the most nervous to post?

My Jesus Christ: Terrorist Killer? post/design about Osama bin Laden is by far the most excited and nervous I've been about anything I've posted. I think it had to do with a couple things.

First, it was a very personal expression. It wasn't some quick Bible design with a snarky write up that I did in a few hours. It was an expression of something that had gotten so far under my skin that I knew I needed to get it out. That post had a lot of me in it and sharing something that personal is 100% exciting and 100% terrifying.

Second, it was something that many people had extremely strong, and emotion-fueled, opinions about. In fact, the whole post was directed at challenging the people with those strong opinions. I knew I was about to shake a hornet's nest and was very nervous for that reason. I remember having my wife read through it first and, although supportive, I could tell she was nervous for me too. Just a couple minutes after publishing it, comments started coming in... and kept coming in. In the end, it was cool to hear from so many folks who were experiencing the same unease that led me to do the post in the first place. I know the post helped me to reorient myself to focus on what is true and I'd like to think that it did that for a few other folks too.