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Art and design by Jim LePage


I'm excited to be a contributor to my bud Troy DeShano's FUTURALBUM project. (Troy and I created and curate Old & New Project together.) FUTURALBUM is a collaborative album design project where contributors re-imagined cover art for any album they choose. The project launches today and includes a ton of people more talented than me.

One of the two designs I submitted is already posted—Fear of a Black Planet by Public Enemy. The deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner were fresh on my mind and had a lot to do with this choice.

Check it out below along with a few others that have been posted, then head over to FUTURALBUM to see more. You can also follow FUTURALBUM on Instagram.

Public Enemy – Jim LePage
Cold War Kids – Shane Harris
Anomaly – Alex Medina
AFI – Jeff Finley