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The Cheerful Work of Lydia Nichols

One of the things I love about Lydia Nichols' work is that it is so dang cheerful. I can't help but smile when I see it. She just seems to capture happiness in her work. In addition to happy/cheerful illustrations, she does some really cool book/album covers that have a little more serious feel to them.

I was super stoked when Lydia agreed to contribute to the Old and New Project, and she rocked it with her design for the book of Nehemiah (see above).

Visit Lydia's portfolio site and follow her on Twitter and Dribbble

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What do artists "owe" their fans?

One of my favorite bands is Low. They are from Duluth, MN and I've been listening to them since the mid-90s. They are known for their quiet, beautiful and minimal songs and were one of the bands that my wife and I bonded over when we first met each other and started dating. Long story short, they hold a dear spot in my heart.

Last Saturday, they played Rock the Garden, a large music festival in Minneapolis, MN, sponsored by The Current, a local public radio station. Low's set consisted of a single 27 minute song that was mostly a wall of noise (listen here). The reaction to is has been really interesting. Many people were extremely angry. 

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Inspiration: Joe Cavazos

Joe Cavazos is an illustrator/designer out of Dallas, TX. Although we've never met face to face, Joe and I have become pretty good digital buddies over the last few years. He's been killing it recently with his illustration work including some awesome Biblical stuff like the Jacob and Esau design above for the Old & New Project. He's also been exploring some really cool iPhone art techniques recently. 

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Inspiration: Michael Cina on MN Original (Video)

There are a few artists/designers that I really idolize. Michael Cina is one of them. 

Michael is  a highly accomplished designer, doing work for clients like Facebook, Nike and Google. Some of my favorite client work he's done are his Ghostly album artwork. He's also created multiple typefaces (including the stellar Ramsey). On top of all that, he produces some beautiful paintings.

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Inspiration: Louis C.K. (Video)

Louis C. K. has been a huge inspiration to me over the past several years. I first fell in love with his filthy/genius stand up and then his incredible TV show, Louie. I've come to realize that while I'm inspired by the work people produce, I'm also inspired by how they produce that work, especially when it's done in a new or unique way. Louis C. K. has done a couple things like that.

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