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Inspiration: Louis C.K. (Video)


It's been a while since I've posted any inspiration stuff, but that ends now. There are times in my life where I'm completely overwhelmed by inspiration. From bands, filmmakers, fine artists and (in this case) comedians. I'm hoping to post about that stuff more often. Louis C. K. has been a huge inspiration to me over the past several years. I first fell in love with his filthy/genius stand up and then his incredible TV show, Louie. I've come to realize that while I'm inspired by the work people produce, I'm also inspired by how they produce that work, especially when it's done in a new or unique way. Louis C. K. has done a couple things like that.

In 2011, he bypassed HBO, Comedy Central and other media outlets and released his comedy special on his own, selling a digital file on his site for $5. He made more money than usual, his fans paid way less and the middle man got screwed. Awesome.

For his most recent comedy tour, he did the same thing with selling tickets, completely bypassing major ticket sellers like Ticketmaster. Again, he made more money and his fans got a better deal (with no ticket fees!).

For his FX show, Louie, he makes the show with a very small budget so it's low risk to FX and in exchange he gets complete creative control. This has allowed him to create a truly unique show with an amazing singular creative vision. He is exploring themes and topics in a way that I've never seen on TV.

That kind of stuff inspires me. A lot.

I stumbled on this interview with Louie on YouTube and absolutely loved hearing him talk about his career and the decisions he's made. It's almost an hour, but well worth it.

Warning: Louis isn't afraid of using naughty words so if you are sensitive to that, don't watch this.