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Making Space with Word Prints


UPDATE 1/4: Our original goal was $600 and we ended up raising $1000! Thank you! The original goal for Woodland Hills was to raise $26,000 and they ended up raising over $93,000! All extra proceeds with go towards helping low-income and homeless families in St. Paul. --------------------------------

A few days ago I posted a logo I created for "Making Space," a fundraiser that just launched at Woodland Hills Church. Between now and Christmas, Woodland Hills hopes to raise $26,000. Using those resources, they want to to expand how our church is able to serve low-income and homeless families in St. Paul, mainly through expanding their food shelf and doing some building renovations so they can used as an overnight homeless shelter. Get more Making Space details on the Woodland Hills web site.

Why am I telling you this? Glad you asked....

[highlight]All proceeds from Word print sales in the month of December will be donated to the Making Space campaign.[/highlight]

You don't really mean all proceeds, do you?

Not sure about you, but I tend to be pretty skeptical, so whenever I hear about a person or an organization donating "all proceeds" from sales, I immediately wonder how they are defining the phrase "all proceeds." Does that really mean that every cent of profit will be donated? Or do they just mean the money left over after paying their "overhead" costs like yachts, private jets and popcorn from Candyland? I want to be clear, all the profits from December Word print sales will be donated. In other words, I will receive $0 from Word print sales in December.

Sounds good! What's our goal for bling?

Honestly, I have no idea how well this will work. We may hit the end of December with only 3 prints sold and I'll feel like a moron. But if feeling like a moron is the biggest risk, then it's worth it. After all, I feel like a moron most days anyways, so why not feel that way for a good cause? But I am hopeful and for the sake of having something to shoot for, let's make our goal $600. And now that we have a goal, let's make this a little more interesting....

[highlight]If we hit our $600 goal in December, I'll start out the new year by giving away 2 free Word prints.[/highlight]

Cool! Besides ordering prints, how can I help?

I'm counting on all you folks out there to help spread the news with your tweeting, sharing and other interweb socializing. Let's get the word out on this and see how much we can raise! (I'll be posting updates on Twitter and Facebook throughout the month if you want to follow along.)

If you were on the fence about picking up a Word print for you or a loved one this Christmas, consider this your sign from God and order a print now.