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"Sticks and Stones" Sermon art

I was asked by the folks at Sharefaith to create some sermon art for "Sticks and Stones" based on Matthew 12:37 where Jesus speaks about the power of words.

After coming up with a several concepts, I landed on one that visually combined the idea of sticks and stones as words within a quote bubble. Even though I typically do computer or hand drawn illustration work, I really felt like this concept could work well using found objects and custom photography. I happen to live right on a body of water, so I went outside and combed the beach for driftwood and stones. After finding a good selection, I started assembling the stick/stone quote bubble. Getting everything to fit just right involved a lot of trial and error and ended up taking longer than I'd anticipated, but I'm very happy with how it turned out.

After assembling, I took photos of the piece and brought it into Photoshop to cut it out, process it and build it into the sermon set.

This was a really fun project to work on, especially being able to incorporate some physical objects from right outside my house. Big thanks to the folks at Sharefaith (especially the Art Director, Juliet Towner) for the opportunity.

The full sermon set is available to purchase on Sharefaith.

View more of my sermon art and drop me a message if you're interested in custom sermon imagery. You may also purchase digital files of some of my biblical art in my shop.