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"Standing in the Storms" Sermon Art

I recently created sermon art based on the concept of "Standing in the Storms" for the folks at Sharefaith.

There is already a lot of sermon art based on storm visuals and I wanted this one to feel new and unique. Most art I've seen based on this concept focuses exclusively on the negative—the oppressive storm. I wanted to also allude to the positive—the idea that we have access to a power that helps us weather, and even overcome, the storms. In order to make this unique and to bring in some of that positive and exciting energy, I decided to give it a strong 1980s vibe. Bright colors, smoke, lightning, etc. It was a ridiculous amount of fun.

The full set is available on Sharefaith.

Big thanks to the folks at Sharefaith (especially the Art Director, Juliet Towner) for the opportunity. 

View more of my sermon art and drop me a message if you're interested in custom sermon imagery. You may also purchase digital files of some of my biblical art in my shop.