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God is Love, Day 7

The last piece in my "God is Love" series is from a project with Union Gospel Mission in St. Paul, MN. They contacted me around a year ago about creating a large mural for their main meeting area. For many years, I'd been a big admirer of UGM. From their site:

Union Gospel Mission is a Christian ministry dedicated to serving the homeless, poor, and addicted in our community. By meeting physical, spiritual, emotional, and educational needs, our Mission is changing lives!

"God is love" has been an important and guiding verse at UGM for over 100 years. They'd used the verse on signage throughout the years and wanted an updated version that also called back to the earlier years of the ministry. The version above has been reworked for this series, but below is the final version I completed for UGM.

Thanks for checking out my "God is Love" series. Even though I've explored this verse more than any other in the Bible, I never get sick of it. In fact, going through this series has made me want to do even more!