Jim LePage Art & Design

Word FAQ

Are prints available?


Do you sell digital files of the designs?


Do you offer bulk discounts on prints?

Yes and no. I'm unable to offer bulk discounts through the services I use to sell my prints, however, there are other options. If you're interested in a bulk order of prints, let me know.

Can I use the designs to post about Word on my site?

If you'd like to post about Word, feel free to use the images from this site. (If your post is not specifically about my Word project, I'd ask that you DO NOT use my images.) I only ask that you'd include a link back to the main Word Designs page on my site. If you do a post about Word, I'd love it if you could let me know.

Are you available for freelance projects?

Yes, I'm currently accepting work inquiries. Feel free to contact me.

Prints & Files

All my Word designs are available to purchase as prints. Many are also available to purchase as digital files in my shop.

Old & New

After Word, I helped start Old & New, a collaborative Bible design project with artists from different faith backgrounds.