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Extended License


Exclusive License Inquiry

An Exclusive license means the art will be exclusive to you and will not be licensed to other clients.
(Don't need exclusivity? Check out the Standard and Extended licenses for my work on Chroma Supply.)

It covers up to 499,999 units for:

  • ADVERTISING (Print and Digital): Product packaging, catalogues, brochures, magazine/newspaper ads, flyers, posters, multimedia, interactive and video presentations. 
  • EDITORIAL MEDIA (Print and Digital): Magazines, newspapers, editorials, and newsletters.
  • MEDIA FOR SALE: CD/DVD artwork, printed books, book covers, commercial films, movies and presentations.

And up to 9,999 units for:

  • INCORPORATING INTO AN END PRODUCT FOR SALE (Print and Digital): Prints, posters, calendars, stationery, clothing, t-shirts, hats, video games, website/application templates, etc. (NOTE: Items may never be used alone and unaltered in an End Product, but must be elements/parts of a new design.)

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How will the pieces be used? How many impressions/copies of the final product will there be? Etc.
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