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Word: Ezra


Last we heard of the Israelites in 2 Chronicles, God finally let them do their own thing and they were either gettin' killed or captured. If the Israelites were an alcoholic or addict, this would be their rock bottom. They used to be on top. They used to have the creator of the universe on their side. As the book of Ezra opens, they had gone cold turkey and were starting to make their way back home. Still battered at least they were free again.

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How many times have I done the exact same thing? How many times have I though that I know best. "If only I was in charge, then things would be better. If only I didn't have a God who's very nature is love, always helping me, correcting me and saving me from myself. Oh, then I'd be the king. Then things would go my way, because I know best." Eventually (usually after a lot of whining and complaining), I find out that I'm not as awesome as I thought. I don't know best. In fact, if you want the worst advice imaginable, check out jimlepageknowsbest.com. (You didn't really click that link, did you? On a semi-related note, God will indeed "Never give us up" as the Rev. Astley proclaims.)

If I was God, You'd make me a Sandwich

So after all that arrogance, all that pride, the Israelites make their way back home. Guess who's waiting? God. Right here, I gotta say that if I was God, I'd be lovin' this. It's classic "I told you so" time. "You guys thought you were all that, huh? 'We're so cool we don't need you, God.' How you like me now, suckas! Now make me a sandwich! And don't even think about using manna! I want that Ezekiel 4:9 bread! What's that? You haven't heard of it? That's cuz it's from the future! Now shine my shoes!" Once again, be thankful that I am not God. What God actually does is welcome them back. "You're back? Great, cuz I really missed you. Let's get you cleaned up and then we'll start rebuilding your towns and cities. Good to have you home." Nice.

Next week, get out your construction hats for Nehemiah.