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Old & New Submission


My site has been an absolute ghost town since Old & New launched in March. Sorry about that. For those of you who don't know, Old & New is a collaborative design project based on passages in the Bible and was created and is curated by me and Troy DeShano. The first round of designs ended last Friday with my submission seen above. If you haven't checked out all the Old & New designs, go do that now because they are amazing. I have poured my heart, soul and a crapload of time into that project and I am incredibly proud of it. Seriously, if you don't check it out, I'm not your friend anymore.

The funniest thing about Christian culture is Christian culture

I realize/hope that some folks might be offended by my Old & New submission and I'd like to share a little bit about how I arrived on the concept. At first glance, it may seem like a juvenile attempt at a crude pun. I must confess, I am juvenile and I love a crude pun, but there's a little more to it for me.

In Christian culture, there isn't much of an appreciation for humor or comedy, unless you count the unintentional hilarity of Christian culture. There is no shortage of things described as "Christian humor" or "Christian comedy." But that mainly just means that there are no naughty words, it doesn't offend anyone and is safe enough for a 10 year old. (As a side note, I have an inherent distrust of anything – especially something creative – described as "Christian," but I'll save that rant for another post.)

Did Jesus ever fart for a cheap laugh?

Not only is humor not valued or appreciated in Christian culture, but it tends to be looked down upon. I mean Jesus would never giggle, tell (dirty) jokes or fart in front of the disciples for a cheap laugh, right? That would be sacrilegious, right? Right?

I'd bet every cent I own that he did all 3 of those things. After all, why wouldn't he? It's not like those are sin and based on what I read about him, Jesus could care less about being safe an non-offensive. Plus, as my design above references, God used a donkey to communicate to one of his prophets and made sure to include the story in the Bible. The creator of the universe talks to someone through an ass. C'mon! That is hilarious! He spoke to other people through a burning bush (awe-inspiring) and a still small voice (mysterious), but this time he chooses to talk to a human being using the mouth of a donkey. Brilliant! Makes me love God even more.

Anyways, this design was a way of trying to show that God is pretty frickin' hilarious and I hope it made Jesus chuckle when he saw it. In fact, I hope he laughed his ass off.

As usual, this is just a crazy rant by me. My guess is that have your own opinions about this. Feel free to share 'em in the comments!