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Woodland Hills Church Collaboration

I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in the Contemplative Collaboration project for Woodland Hills Church. The project connects a writer, visual artist and musician who collaborate to create a collective piece of art. I was given a written piece by Teresa Sayles and music by Gregg Ward and Kim Bahmer. I created the piece below based on those. Teresa's piece touched on the journey of being lost, alone and trapped and then the joy of being sought after, found and freed by Jesus' sacrifice. I decided to represent the moment of still being trapped, but the freedom is on its way. 

The work was on display at Woodland Hills throughout January and from all I've heard, the project was well very received.

On a side note, I'm incredibly encouraged to see a church embrace art and artists like this. I've seen many churches confuse "embracing art" with "having volunteers create sermon graphics." That's great, but it's not embracing art or artists. I love that Woodland Hills gave artists the freedom and encouragement to create and then created a space for the congregation to enjoy and appreciate it. I would love to see more churches doing that.