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"Unexpected Love" Sermon Art

I was asked by the folks at Sharefaith to create some Christmas sermon art based on John 3:16 and the theme of "Unexpected Love."

I wanted to show how incredibly unique Jesus' entrance into humanity was. This was not just another baby. Not just another birth. This was the son of God entering the earth in human form and that's super crazy. I knew I wanted to represent Jesus' nature in a brilliant, colorful way and contrast that against the darkness of the world he entered. I decided to use an abstract painting of mine for that brilliant, colorful representation. (You can see the original painting I used below.)

Big thanks to the folks at Sharefaith (especially the Art Director, Juliet Towner) for the opportunity.

The full sermon set is available on Sharefaith.

View more of my sermon art and drop me a message if you're interested in custom sermon imagery. You may also purchase digital files of some of my biblical art in my shop.