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Thoughts on God from the 10 year old me


I recently found a bunch of old papers and artwork I did as a kid (big thanks to my mom for saving that stuff!). This is a paper I wrote for religion class when I was around 10 years old. We had to answer two questions: "Who is God to you?" and "How do you live for yourself?" and I thought it would be fun to type it out and share it.

It's funny for sure, but also really interesting to read my own thoughts on God from 27 years ago. The confusion about the violent Old Testament God, the fundamentalist Evangelical guilt about not being good enough.... Those are ideas that shaped my picture of God and I still have remnants of them with me to this day.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

What is God to you? 

In my eyes, God is a king in heaven and his little toe equals one person. I know God is not really like that, but that's what I can make out from things on earth. 

God is also generous, helpful, powerful and very kind. I also picture God as a destroying God because of all the things he does in the Old Testament. He turned people into salt and had snakes kill people. But if you look in the New Testament, Jesus had lots of mercy on people, like bringing the dead back to life, healing and forgiving. 

So I guess God is a fair God, he did die for me and that's more than me or anyone else could ask for. 

How do you live for yourself? 

I live for myself in many ways. I get $20 for an allowance every month and I don't tithe. I used to but somehow I stopped. I also used to pray in bed every night, but now I do it off and on. I put things like Baseball cards or TV or money ahead of God a lot of the time. I still love God, but I need to improve on all the above. 


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