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"Picturing Scripture" Book

Cover design for "Picturing Scripture." Illustration by Josh Warren (http://joshwarrendesign.com)

Cover design for "Picturing Scripture." Illustration by Josh Warren (http://joshwarrendesign.com)

I worked at Faithlife for 3 years, leaving in May 2015 to pursue full time freelance work. During my time at the company, one of my main responsibilities was to lead and grow the Verse of the Day project. By the time I left, the project had over 1000 pieces of original verse art and had gained a lot of popularity among customers. The team of designers working on it were producing some incredible art—far above and beyond what you'd find at a Christian book store. It's my proudest achievement during my time there.

Once I started freelancing, I had the opportunity to continue working on Verse of the Day by doing the layout design and typesetting for "Picturing Scripture," a coffee table style book with 100 pieces of Verse of the Day art—created by myself and other designers at Faithlife—paired with original writings based on the art. The book just launched as a Kickstarter project. Check it out and pre-order a copy or two. (You can even get a glimpse of me in my office/house in the Kickstarter video made by the very talented Joshua Thomas Gray.)

I have 34 pieces of verse art and several writings in the book. Below are a few examples of my verse art.

View more of my verse art or purchase digital files of my biblical art on Biblestock.