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33 Down, 33 to Go

I didn't even realize it until recently, but with this week's Micah design, we're halfway through the Bible. 33 done, 33 to go! (If you haven't seen all the designs, you can check them out here.) When I started, I honestly didn't know if I'd stick with this, but at the halfway point I feel pretty confident that I'll make it to Revelation (the book, not the event). I have to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported this project by posting about it on their site, sharing it on Twitter and Facebook, asking for and buying prints, sending me encouraging messages and leaving comments on the site. You have made this project really awesome.

This next part might be boring, but it might be interesting

Not sure how many of you are interested in this, but I started this project with all sorts of ideas that got flipped upside down in the process. Here are a few...

I thought that every design would have the same background and use the same font. I was thinking that using the same background and font would help make it all really feel like a series when/if I finished. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but by the time I did the first 8 books, I was getting really bored with that same background and font. When I got to 1 Samuel, I decided to break the mold... and I'm really glad I did. Along with Job, it's the one on which I've heard the most positive feedback. That David vs. Goliath image is probably my favorite design, with Ecclesiastes and Daniel (the original one) up there as well.

I never intended to do write ups for each book/design. Originally, I actually thought I'd just post the design and that's it. As I got Genesis ready to post, it just felt weird to me to not write anything at all, so I put something together and really ended up liking it. It felt like it supported the design and even made it better. After a doing a few, I started to enjoy the writing part almost as much as the design. I was also getting some good feedback on the writing so I decided I'd continue to do reflections for each post. On a side note, 2 Samuel is probably my favorite writing, with Job and Judges being up there as well.

I never thought people would want to hang these designs on their wall. Some of the very first feedback I got was "Are there prints available?" I figured it was just a few crazy people, but I continued to hear that request so often that eventually had to figure out a way to make the designs available as prints. To all you crazy folks who kept asking for prints, thank you!

I hope that wasn't too boring. Would you like to hear more behind the scenes stuff? Like... What graphics programs I use? What the research process is for each design? How much more spiritual I've become since starting the project? If you are interested in stuff like that or have other questions about the series, feel free to let me know and if I get enough questions I'll put together a few Q&A posts.

Thanks again and I hope we can have even more fun with the next 33 books!